Overlooking the Cape Fear River of Downtown Wilmington, NC, five Postal Customer Councils joined together for a National PCC Day event on Thursday, September 26th, 2019. More than one hundred participants came from throughout NC, and from MA, MD, VA, IL and Washington, DC. The Greater Wilmington Area PCC hosted the Greater Charlotte PCC, Greater Triad PCC, Greater Triangle PCC and Western Area PCC of Asheville members, guests, Vendors, Sponsors and USPS Speakers and employees for this event-filled day. Forty-five percent of the participants represented Industry leaders and employees, many of whom were attending multiple PCC events during the week.

Master of Ceremonies, Glen Swyers, of Classic Graphics and the Greater Charlotte PCC Industry Co-Chair opened the event with a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Color Guard presentation. The Capital Metro Area Vice President, Linda Malone welcomed the attendees and expressed the Post Office interests in partnering with industry for marketing and mailing success.

Keynote Speaker, Chief Operating Officer, David Williams, engaged the audience with his State of the Business presentation: USPS Delivers the Customer Journey. Mr. Williams introduced the 2019 PCC Week PMG message: Your Engagement and Leadership Makes a Difference, as he encouraged the listeners to “give mail a fresh look”. Mr. Williams explained how innovations like Digitally Enhanced Mail, Informed Delivery, and Informed Visibility are transforming mail. The session was closed with David Williams and Linda Malone presenting PCC Premier Awards to the PCCs represented at the event.

Participants enjoyed a continental breakfast, a catered lunch, and afternoon snacks to keep them “fueled” for Leo Raymond’s Postal “big picture” from an industry perspective, and for political mail and academic outreach programs. One industry leader commented: “I really enjoyed the day and had lots of takeaway actions to follow-up on”.

The afternoon session’s sparked interest, as members of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Response Team presented an Active Shooter program for the audience. Additionally, the owner of a new Augmented Reality Application company, AVO Insights, inspired young and old to look at the future of the direct mail experience.

At the close of the day, NPF raffle tickets were drawn for the Industry participants, along with many door prizes. Postmaster and Greater Wilmington Area Postal Co-Chair, Chris Spann closed the day with local award plaques for the annual sponsors of the GWAPCC and thanked the Postal Customer Councils and attendees for their participation.

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