2020 PCC Awards Celebration photo

 The event was engaging, educational, and interactive. If you were unable to attend the event or you want to watch it again, the full program, including the breakout sessions is now available on the National PCC Day Platform:

Once you navigate to the National PCC Day Platform, you may be prompted to register. Even if you already registered for the National PCC Day event, please re-register.  Then, the page will refresh and you will be taken to the main page. Select the button “click here to start” on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you select that button you will be taken to the “agenda” page. Select “watch now” to begin viewing the National PCC Day Program.

 Additionally, during National PCC Day 2020, the Headquarters National PCC Program Office unveiled a new PCC logo.

The old PCC logo has been around since the 1990s and was in need of a refresh to bring it into modern times. Additionally, the logo didn’t represent what the PCC embodied; a network of mailing professionals. A team of PCC members was formed to brainstorm new logo ideas. The Postal Service leveraged its partnership with the McCann Ad Agency to assist in the new logo creation. Multiple meetings occurred, where the PCC team and McCann discussed what the PCC represented and what it should symbolize: a network comprised of trust, innovation, education, and connections. Plus, the new logo should speak to the PCCs as an institution deeply connected to both the Postal Service, its members, and sponsoring businesses.  It also represents the Postal Service and the PCCs coming together to provide better services for its members well into the future. 

For the GWAPCC, the pièce de résistance: 

PCC of the Year - Small market Award Winner

2020 9 22 GWAPCC Award Small Market Crystal